Architectural Drafting

The  McKee Architectural Drafting Program has been to serve the building construction industry by dedicating itself to programs of instruction that deal with the real world of construction and design.

     McKee provides all the necessary Mechanical Drafting tools, Computers and Industrial software for students to experience an actual design and construction environment. Large format printers, state of the art solid modelers and modern drafting equipment are available for all students to create project driven portfolios. 

     The mission of McKee CTE High School is to provide the highest quality technical education utilizing the latest tools and supplies at a no cost to the student.

     The goal of McKee CTE High School is to prepare students for Post-Secondary Institutes such as the Institute of Construction and Design located in Brooklyn NY, technical colleges such as New York City Technical College, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Alfred State University, to continue their engineering education on a higher level. An Architectural Drafting endorsed graduate can also find meaningful employment in the construction design industry, mechanical drafting or surveying careers.

    The implementation of these objectives is achieved through a structured program of study, small classes, and a professional teaching staff.