Software Engineering

Throughout our Software Engineering Program, students will receive a robust education and understanding many cutting edge software and programming languages.

Software Engineering is a fancy term for “solving the worlds problems through coding and critical thinking.”

We put a priority on learning building a strong foundation from the ground up learning languages that Develop Websites like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. We learn how to program and create applications through JavaScript & Python. Additionally, we learn how to make 2D Video Game with C# and 3D Video game design with C++ Using Unity & The Unreal Engine.

We have the opportunity to offer industry relevant internships for our students to be placed in, one of them being a Staten Island local firm called “The Von Agency” where you will get real world, hands on experience with the concepts we learn in class!

We look to build students up from ZERO programming experience. In your sophomore year, together, we will develop a strong understanding of core debugging and computer hardware / software systems. To me, Junior is the most exciting, we delve deeply into one of the most exciting topics, Video Game Design. We begin the year learning the fundamentals of 2D Game Design, bringing our old favorite games to life. In the second half of the year, we get to explore 3D Level and Game Design. Finally, in the senior year we go all of the way through the to our capstone course, which ends in our Advanced placement Computer Science Principals course.