The Soaring Seagull April 2020 Edition


The Soaring Seagull


April 2020 Edition

Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School Newspaper 

Mrs. Del Re, Ms. Morganti, Mr. Sarno & Ms. Baftjari


The Crimson Ground… 

by Juan Snipes

What does it want, this evil grove to void of life and sound? 

Beasts without homes are not very deep, never to be found.  

A scarlet moon cried till dawn for the creatures transformed to stone, 

For when alone the killer would smile while walking on crimson ground. 

Round and round the windmill goes, the wide eyes never close,

 Night after night the wind would blow, tossing the ashes of souls;

The tack of deadly co-conspirators, as they twiddle their thumbs,

The clock shall slow as the hour draws  near the final breath to numb, 

The plot of death now stands up straight tired of playing dumb, 

The wait is over and the end has begun, Thunder strikes the crimson ground. 

Louder and louder;  your fate draws near and the air is growing tense, 

Upward spines of the redwood forest now hang with leaves of red,

Child, watch your step or you might fall, the ground is seeking prey, 

One false move and you’ll be a memory fading into the gray.

Behold! The day will come when fire will make the forest rage,

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A Reality We Live In but We Are All in This Together.

 By: Lizett Perez & Diana Ortiz  

         As many have seen we are in a country that is going through many obstacles at this very moment along with many other countries.  It has not been any easy few months. Many people are struggling mentally and physically. I am not sure who needs to hear this but try to stay at home for the better of you and the people around you. “Stay at home” might seem just a simple phrase to a few people but it is not. It is a phrase and action that many people are not taking seriously. 

         Many are not wearing face masks or gloves when going out. The Coronavirus has changed many lives during these past weeks. It affected many people mentally and physically. But there is a way that we can all help each other which is staying home and washing your hands. If we go outside, we must wear a mask and gloves. We must follow these directions because it can help save a life. Some people might think of it as a joke but it really isn’t. Just think about your being one of those people laying on a hospital bed thinking if you would be able to make it through this whole pandemic. 

#Quarantine #Isolation 

Struggles of an AP Student in 2020 

by Jazmine Marcano


A Ralph R. McKee Advanced Placement Student Reflects on Their Studies as the Nation Remains in Quarantine:


     Only a couple of weeks ago we were able to walk up to our teachers and ask them for feedback or what a problem meant. Now, with remote learning, that has become a bit more difficult. 

     Here’s what AP students are experiencing during this “stay at home”….


     Our AP teachers are doing their hardest to be there and support us.  They help us with any questions we have. Regardless, we are all worried about how everything is going to play out in just a couple of weeks. 

     It has become extremely stressful as an AP student as instruction and even the exam has changed. This is a reality that thousands of students, including myself, had to go through. After spending months preparing for an exam, it has ended up being completely different!

     Now, we have less than a month before the exam date. 


     Since remote learning began we had to come to terms with a whole new format of a test and still study while being at home, full of distractions. Now that we are all at home preparing, we feel a sense of isolation from our teachers who are guiding us. Remote learning is hard on all ends of the spectrum, but for AP students these couple of weeks were crucial to getting any last minute tips and tricks up our sleeves for an exam that could potentially give us college credit and a head start next year.

The dagger is ripe to tear the heart of hate in two. .  

Be wise, brave soul, to cross the woods, the feat requires prowess, The others here had left no trace,  hidden by the forest’s scowl.

Do not be fooled by crimson ground! Its looks are rigged, a trick!

In the blink of an eye this mindless  man is unaware he no longer 


Roses distract and lure you in; with honey you catch more flies; 

But doom befalls all those aloof,  be ready with wary eyes! What does it want, this evil grove devoid of life and sound? 

None would remember the blood that was shed, it’s now the crimson ground. 


🎭 Theater Club Review 🎫

by: Meloney Colon

      Mckee offers a variety of clubs to help students in building social skills and the ability to express themselves. It also makes kids more productive and assists to building self-esteem while bonding and creating relationships between teachers and students.     

     The McKee Theatre Club gives students the opportunity to express themselves. The club allows students to sharpen their creativity and social skills while promoting teamwork. One of the activities that is presented in our club is improvisation. In this activity, we as actors create both the dialogue and a storyline in that moment, using only a very brief piece of direction. We also attend educational theatrical trips, where 

       We all know and understand that staying home everyday is impossible because we need to go out for products or emergencies but we should always use protection, even if that means just washing our hands. If you have a face mask or gloves please use them when going out.  If you do not have a face mask, it has been recommended to wear a scarf or a bandana around your face as a way of protection. I know I do not speak for just myself, but many others, who knew someone or were close to someone that has sadly passed away due to COVID-19. I would like to say for all the people that are suffering mentally or physically it will be a long ride but things will get much better. We cannot blame anyone for anything that is going on, all we can do as a whole is stay at home and be safe. However, if you know someone who needs help emotionally, a simple message or a call can mean a lot to someone. 

       Something else we need to acknowledge is that many of our parents, along with the essential workers and teachers, have to go out to work. Which can unfortunately lead to many parents not being qualified for government funds and because of this, many are forced to work in these unprecedented circumstances or they can lose their jobs. So please take in consideration when going outside that there are plenty of people who do not go out just because they want to or for fun.

        Lastly, it’s the time to say thank you to all the essential workers out there, even those still working from home because they are trying so hard to save other people’s lives  instead of staying at home with their family. We should also be staying in contact with our loved ones to see how they are doing. So please keep in mind these instructions because ‘like you there is no other’. We are all in this together! 


     Below is a screenshot of a College Board email I have just received in regards to how our AP exams will continue. It states that they will be even shorter and less strenuous. The most important part is that anyone receiving a score of three or higher still gets their free college credit and colleges have already committed to giving those credits to AP students who score a three or higher! With a shorter test all we have to do is use those skills our teachers have been teaching us since September. So we know we have the skills to do fantastic! 

A Thank You Message 

Dear Soaring Seagulls:

Thank you for joining us in our move from face to face learning to online learning.  Your ability to work with your teachers, friends, and family to use the different digital platforms is a testament to living by our vision of College, Career, Life.

Keep soaring. We are McKee Strong.


Principal Henry

we are able to experience the arts and drama, while learning the elements that make up theatre arts. The teachers–Ms. A Messina, Ms. Davis, and Ms. Glickman– prompt us and encourage us to break out of our shells. They give students a free platform to express themselves.    

     Theatre club has provided me with the opportunity for a temporary escape from reality as I get into the character of who I want or desire to be. Theatre Club is a great outlet to release my emotions and incorporate my talents, such as singing, dancing, music, acting and creative thinking. 

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A Message from Administration:

Dear Seagulls,

        These are unprecedented times that we are living in. We want you to know that we are always thinking of you and wish that we could be back and McKee and see all of your wonderful faces. To the seniors, no one is more disappointed than we are that we can not celebrate your accomplishments the seagull way. Just know that we are working hard to come up with solutions to celebrate you!

      Please be safe, healthy and continue to do your best with your remote learning. Remember that we are always here for you.

“Once a seagull, always a seagull.”


Mrs. Eberlein

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