The Soaring Seagull Feb 2020 Edition

February 2020 Edition

Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School Newspaper 

Mrs. Del Re, Ms. Morganti, Mr. Sarno & Ms. Baftjari



A Message 

from Principal S. Henry:  

“As principal of Ralph R. McKee Career & Technical Education High School (McKee) I would like to welcome you to the launch of The Soaring Seagull. This newspaper will be a valuable hub of school news and information. The Soaring Seagull will provide a platform for students at McKee to  share ideas, creativity, and identify issues. This medium will also be instrumental in building confidence, collaboration, and display a range of views that can be thoughtfully and respectfully discussed in a public forum. I look forward to reading the first of what will hopefully be many issues to come in the school year.”

Teacher of the Month Profile 

By: Tareq Farag

Success as a Math Teacher. 

     During the interview, Mr. Marelli explained why he enjoys being a Math teacher, how he got where he is today and some important philosophies he feels are important for our younger generation and students. “My philosophy to teaching is that there are never any wrong answers or stupid answers. Learning is about making mistakes to help you learn but you have to be willing to learn. Confidence is key.”  Mr. Marelli has been teaching at McKee for 14 years as a Math teacher and in the last 5 years has become the programmer for student programs and schedules. He graduated from Wagner College with honors and is a big fan of science fiction and fantasy. He enjoys watching football and is he is a die hard Mets fan. Mr. Marelli also stated that as a student he could sometimes be the class clown but that’s what seems to make him such a strong teacher.  He explained that as a teacher he works hard to try to make students feel just like everyone else and give confidence to them that he worked hard to gain as he got older.  He went on to describe himself as funny, smart, honest, fair, loyal, and a hard worker. In his free time he expressed how he loves to spend time with his family and watching television shows, especially science fiction or fantasy. Mr. Marelli explained that he has experienced a variety of learners and students in his years but the most troubling were the ones who come to class to fool around with no learning intentions. We ended the interview with these words from Mr. Marelli, “It is important to value your education.” 

Australia Needs Our Help!

By: Lizett Perez

      At this very moment Australia is in need of everyone’s help. Australia is in the worst wildfire one could imagine. Many animals are being killed from this fire and many more are still in danger. However, the animals in the wild fire are not the only ones that are in danger, the fire has caught up to many towns in Australia and has led to many residents evacuating their homes.  CNN reported on January 13th, 2020 that “At least 28 people have died nationwide, and in the state of New South Wales (NSW) alone, more than 3000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.” Sadly, this ongoing fire has left many people homeless. Not only that, our planet’s entire environment is being harmed. If we do not do anything about this situation, more people will die and various animal species can go from endangered to extinct. Would the U.S. want help if our country was in the same situation as Australia? We need to come together as a community to help our environment and our brothers and sisters in Australia. Instead of buying a pack of gum or a bag of Takis, please donate.


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Mr. J. Pederson

*Started at McKee in 1988

*Started McKee’s Software Engineering Program

*Started Computer Science for All

This award recognizes the finest career and technical teachers at the middle/secondary school level who have demonstrated innovation in the classroom, commitment to their students and dedication to the improvement of CTE in their institutions and communities.

Movie Review

By: Jason Avila


     1917: About 10 minutes into this movie, you will realize that this film is something not only well written, but just uniquely brilliant! 1917 is about World War I and the mission of two soldiers, Lance Cpl. Schofield and Lance Cpl. Blake. They are sent to complete a mission while going into 

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enemy stations and territory all on foot and are faced 

with various other obstacles along the way. Not only does this film have an extremely intriguing storyline–the way the movie and it’s characters are portrayed only adds to 1917’s greatness. In many films, the main character or characters seem invincible and never die or get injured. In this film, however, the main character is faced with realistic challenges and hardships right from the very beginning, leaving the side protagonist and other characters to carry on the mission with a struggle as well. 1917 shows the struggles of Schofield but also the horrors of war for the soldiers. It portrays the way the soldiers were willing to risk their lives, running into bombs and grenades flying towards them as depicted in a famous scene of the film. In conclusion, 1917 is an AMAZING depiction of what these soldiers had to face and overcome during the war and it allows viewers to be engaged and on the edge of their seats throughout the entire film.