Mr. Dennis O’Connell

My name is Dennis O’Connell, I graduated from Ralph R. McKee Career & Technical High School in 1993. I was a Carpentry/Cabinet making student during my time at McKee. Ralph R. McKee CTE HS provided me with a small, safe learning environment that prepared me for my post-secondary experience. I’m currently the Carpentry and Building Trades Instructor at McKee High School.

            The Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Program provided me with a real-life trade experience. During my years in the program, I was able to gain industry knowledge along with hands on experience.  All these exercises were simulations of what was and is currently treading in the NYC Building Trades. This program provided me with a vast number of opportunities following graduation. I was presented with a direct entry ticket into the NYC Carpenters Union, I was offered a full-time apprenticeship position with local Cabinetmaking Shop. That was the one I chose. Following that I was presented the opportunity to train to become a Carpentry Instructor. For the last 22 years I have been the Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Instructor here at McKee CTE HS. That is how the program helped prepare me for my career. I have now spent my years at McKee preparing young men and woman ready for the world of work. Just as the program prepared me as a young person.